Featured Artists September 2012

Silver Falls Jewelry can now be found at the Artists Gallery Sunriver building #19 located across from the skating rink at the Village Shopping Center at Sunriver Resort in Central Oregon.  

Come and Joins us every Second Saturday from 4 to 6pm for the Artists Reception. Wine, Beer and appetizers will be served for your enjoyment.


The Cinderella fit. This is the non technical description of Stella Powell’s hand made jewelry.

Her exacting standards are what make the fit of her beautiful jewelry pieces unique … and truly wearable art. She uses 18k gold bi metal, 22k, sterling silver and copper combinations to great effect. Powell will add pearls, precious and semi precious stones. The Cinderella fit is experienced by the Gallery’s loyal patrons when the “just right” moment occurs. One look in the mirror tells the wearer that this is the piece for her. Sometimes they of course are given as gifts as well. “Missy,” as she is sometimes referred to in the Gallery, is heralded in her Metal Arts Guild for her personal gold standard of excellence in her jewelry pieces. Stop by the Gallery but plan on taking your time so that you too can achieve your very own Cinderella moment.

 You are welcome to contact me by calling 541-382-7659 in Bend, Oregon Pacific time 10 to 7 pm

 Here is a link to my Silver Falls Jewelry Facebook page